Friday, October 10, 2014

Welcome! Diana Rodriquez!

Diana Rodriquez
HEY THERE PEEPS! My name is Diana Rodriguez and I’m so excited to get to know you all! This is my first blog ever, but hey! You always have to start somewhere, right?

To give you a little insight about me, I am a sophomore majoring in Early Childhood Education here at Penn State Berks. I was born in the lovely island called the Dominican Republic located it the Caribbean and moved to the United States when I was fourteen years old. I first moved to Manhattan and did all four years of high school there. After graduating, I moved to Reading, PA and Oh Boy! It was the best decision that my parents could’ve made!  Are you wondering why? Well, the answer is easy, Penn State Berks!

At Berks I’ve finally found my second home and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. People with the same interests as me like Anime, drawing, and The Walking Dead. I just love how diverse Penn State Berks is and it really gives you the opportunity to get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds. Isn’t that lovely? As of now, I am a proud Lion Ambassador, Orientation Leader, and member of the Latino unity Club and hopefully I’ll be joining more clubs on campus in the near future!  

Hope we’ll have a great time together!

Lots of Love,


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome! Melissa Reyes!

Hello. Hola. Oi. Buongiorno. My name is Melissa Reyes and this is the first time I have ever written a blog. Ha-ha. Let’s see where this journey takes us. I am a student majoring in Biology at Penn State Berks.

How did I happen to land at Berks you might ask? Well it all started when I moved to Pennsylvania at the age of eight. I was born in Manhattan, New York, but grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, and ever since, the love for Penn State was planted in my family. It grew into a beautiful garden. Both my brother and I came to Penn State Berks after graduating high school. I can definitely say that was the best decision I made so far because I am currently in love with life. Penn State Berks has helped me come out of my shy shell, which I was hiding in all throughout high school.

Oh boy what a ride it has been, from getting involved with the Latino Unity Club my freshman year, to becoming a Lion Ambassador my junior year. I was able to meet so many awesome people and even study abroad in the Dominican Republic and get my Spanish on. Studying Abroad was a life changing experience because it helped me realize that the medical field is where I would like to pursue my career.

I was able to volunteer at three different hospitals and see how blessed we are here in the United States, because in the Dominican Republic many times supplies run out and the hospital staff have to quickly run to the nearest pharmacy to get the materials they need. My goal is to be able to become a doctor in order to help those in need, not only in the United States, but around the world. I feel it is important not to think that we are unable to make a change in the world because, just like it says in the Bible, “I can do all through Christ who strengthens me” (Phillipians 4:13).

So whenever I am not working on my career goals or visiting my family members (my mom is one of eighteen), you could probably find me at church. Apart from my studies, learning about Jesus is one of my passions. At Church I not only learn about God, but I am also learning how to play the guitar, and direct the youth group meetings. It was at church that I met my prince, Emmanuel, and have fallen more in love each day. He has taught me that even when things get difficult I should never give up on my dreams and I am very thankful for him.

So when life gives us lemons, let’s go ahead and make some refreshing lemonade. Life has so many beautiful things to offer.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Welcome! Justin Smith!

Hello readers!

My name is Justin Smith and I am a Sophomore Kinesiology major. I am from Long Beach Island, New Jersey, so the beach is definitely my stomping grounds. My favorite color is purple and I love to play basketball and video games during my free time (when I have time that is).

Long Beach IslandI am heavily involved on campus here at Berks. I am a Lion Ambassador and a peer mentor because I LOVE to talk to people. I am always open to meeting new people and I cant wait to make some new friends through blogging. I just wanted to introduce myself a little bit and I hope you all love what I have to say throughout the semester. 

Enjoy everybody!!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Welcome! Caroline Kunisky!

Hi everyone, my name is Caroline Kunisky and I am a sophomore here at Penn State Berks. My major is Hospitality Management, in order to pursue my dream job as a Wedding Planner. I am highly involved on campus, I am the Secretary of the Dance Team, a member of the Hotel Restaurant Society, Lion Ambassadors, Orientation Leaders, THON, and now I am a blogger! Which makes me so excited to see what else is in store for this semester.

Her sister, Maria, Caroline and her mom supporting their favorite team
My sister, Maria, me and my mom
supporting our favorite team.
So let’s start from the very beginning. I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with the most supportive and lovely family I could ever ask for. My family includes, my parents, Michael and Leslie, my older sister, Maria, and my little West Highland Terrier, Biscuit. Maria and I grew up going to the dance studio every day after school for our entire lives. And we would not want it any other way. At dance, my sister was in the class above me, but nothing stopped me from getting to where she was. I don’t think Maria ever knew how much I truly looked up to her at the studio. I always wanted to be a ballerina like her. My sister is now 22 years old, and is finishing her last year at West Chester University in order to become a Special Needs teacher. It’s crazy to think that she is going to be graduating in the spring! I cannot wait until I see my number one fan cross the stage as I bawl my eyes out. I am tremendously proud to call her my sister, let alone my best friend.

Not only are my sister and I extremely close but, my family in general is. Our favorite thing to do as a family is to travel. We love to explore places we have never been to. In the past couple of years our big trips included London, Paris, Italy, St. Maartens, Cayman Islands and of course, trips in the United States as well. I absolutely loved seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum and Big Ben, as well as swimming with dolphins and stingrays in the Caribbean. It is memories like these that I’ll never forget.

Without my family introducing me to Penn State, I probably would not know much about it. I decided to go to Penn State Berks because I grew up going to all of the football games and basketball games with my parents and sister at Happy Valley. I was the little girl that wore cheerleading outfits to every game, dreamed about becoming a Lionette, and could eat an entire dish of Peachy Paterno ice cream at the Creamery. Ever since, I knew that this place had my heart.

Dance Team of 2013-2014 at a Competition after winning 3rd place
Dance Team of 2013-2014 at a
Competition after winning 3rd place.
I am so thankful that I decided to be a Nittany Lion when I chose my school. Ever since I arrived, I’ve never been happier. I enjoy all of my challenging courses, I enjoy learning more about my major every day in class, and most of all I enjoy the people I have met. The Dance Team is full of all of my best friends, we are basically a big happy family. I mean nothing can be better than dancing with your best friends and having the time of your life. Being a part of Lion Ambassadors has made me love my school even more, I truly look up to each and every fellow Lion Ambassador. HRS Club has made me fall in love with my major all over again. And Orientation Leaders has made me realize why I decided to come to this school with such pride. Nothing in the world could make me happier, and I am so proud to call myself a Nittany Lion.

Until next time Penn Staters!
Caroline Kunisky

Monday, October 6, 2014

Welcome! Ali Shewell!

Ali Shewell
Well hello everyone! My name is Alexandra Shewell , but I usually go by Ali…or AliCat (you’ll find out why later).  I am a junior Communication Arts and Sciences major planning to graduate here at Penn State Berks. I am one of those people who came into school thinking that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and although it has altered a little since I’ve been here, I’m still a proud communications student.

I commuted my first two years, but ended up moving onto campus where I plan to stay for my last two years.

The Lion Ambassadors
The Lion Ambassadors
Being involved on campus is very important to me. I owe all my involvement to the first organization I was inducted into, the Lion Ambassadors. This is where I started making friends and really enjoying my college life. I am currently in my second year of membership.

I served one semester and the Editor in Chief for the Berks Collegian and currently serve as one of the Donor and Alumni Relations co-chairs for Penn State Berks Benefitting THON. This position means so much to me and I am really looking forward to a great year serving as a Berks THON executive.
Holding the Berks letters at THON 2014
Holding the Berks letters at THON 2014
Ali and her boyfriend
My boyfriend and I
As far as I go as a person, I’m a pretty open book. I love my cat…well all cats really (here’s where the nickname comes in), my boyfriend, my friends and my crazy family. I have a weird obsession with the Eiffel Tower along with The Beatles as well.  When I have free time you can usually find me watching Law and Order: SVU or Friends marathons, spending time with friends, or performing some pretty solid car karaoke.

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell! I am so thankful for everything that I’ve had the chance to experience here at Penn State Berks as well as the people I’ve met. I can’t wait to write more for you guys.

Until next time,


Monday, August 25, 2014

NSO2 Weekend!

Hey Everyone! It’s Katie again.

So it is Monday, and classes are starting…I’m already exhausted! But not because of classes, I’m exhausted because we just completed a whole weekend of the New Student Orientation Part 2! (Otherwise known as NSO2).
Katie and some of her Blue Teammates
Here are just a couple of my awesome color
teammates, my fellow Royals waiting to
move some students in!

Man, is it fun!

So Friday morning came and all 180 Orientation Leaders came to Tully’s to eat some breakfast and prepare themselves for the weekend ahead, one jam-packed with energy, enthusiasm, Penn State Pride and a lot of dancing.

These 180 Orientation Leaders were adorned with beads, boas, tutus, bow ties, face paint, and even (in my case) fairy wings. The point? To have a fun and energetic environment for First Year Students to experience when they came to campus!

Friday was full of carts, plastic bins, and check-ins, where all morning and afternoon OL’s helped new students move all of their stuff into their new rooms… and let me tell you the smiles on their faces were incredible! The feeling of putting someone’s stuff in their room, and seeing them look around at their new room is amazing, because you can see the wheels turning, imagining the possibilities that lie in store at Berks! After moving people in students had a chance to not only meet their Resident Assistant (RA) but also do some fun ice breakers with their Hall and the OL’s! But the excitement only continued when the Residence Hall Rally was underway in the Beaver Community Center!

OL Katie being lifted up during team blue's cheer
For our team cheer, we were the color Royal Blue, so we stuck with the royal theme, mashing up three songs to dance to. They were Royal (Lorde), Dancing Queen (Abba), and the beginning part of the Lion King... Thus why I am being lifted up into the air... I got to be Simba! :)

Between educational skits, OL team cheers and some awesome dancing, students had a lot to learn and a lot to enjoy watching!  Students were even cheering and clapping along with cheers, which was so cool!

Saturday started out raining and drizzly but we all made the most of it, students and OL’s alike! There were fun breakout sessions, students met their First Year Seminar Peer Mentor, Play Fair, and more fun activities later like Bingo, free ice cream and a Dance! It was like fun overload!! (For those of you that don’t know what Play Fair is, students all get together and break out into various groups and do some fun activities. This time we broke into groups by our birthday month, and got to meet someone in the group and make a secret handshake!

After the dance was over we all trickled back to the dorms, exhausted but having spent the day smiling our hearts out, and cheering/laughing so hard our throats hurt.

Finally, on Sunday, it was time for our Commuters to shine! Beginning with our Commuter Rally, it was just as much fun as for the Residence Hall Rally! Students watched even more skits, dancing, and team cheers. Then they got to know each other when they broke into groups commuting from the same location!

We listened to an amazing comedian who, as expected, was nothing short of hilarious and incredible! Students were talking about his routine all day—and so were the OL’s! Everyone was laughing so hard and a couple people may have started to cry!

There were more break out sessions to help students learn about their majors and student involvement! And as the day wore on it was time for Mini-Club Rush! Students got the opportunity to go around and speak to representatives of different Clubs. Talk about an awesome way to get involved and have fun right from the beginning!

We closed the day, and in turn NS02 weekend, with Hypnosis Consultant Dale K, and Open Mic night for students. What a better way to end the festivities? Laughing hysterically while someone is hypnotized to think they are a kangaroo, and then expressing yourself through performing!

It doesn’t get any better than that folks!

One of my favorite parts about this NS02 Weekend was the amount of students that came up to me and remembered me as their Tour Guide for Campus Tours, or had fun at the NS01 Sessions I hosted over the summer. Many told me how much my enthusiasm inspired them and helped them get really excited for school to start, and to be excited just to be a Nittany Lion! Those moments are priceless and should be treasured always!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about this fantastic weekend, and I’ll be back soon to talk about another fun Penn State Berks topic soon! I wonder what it will be? ;) Remember, it’s not goodbye guys, it’s only a see-ya later!

Now go have a fantastic day and take the time today to appreciate something that has inspired you!

See ya later everyone!

- Katie